How To Control A Bed Bug Population

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on human blood and it is important to know how to control a bed bug population. It is very difficult to control a bed bug population if you do not use the right strategies and techniques. Bed bugs multiply at a very fast rate and are known to infest hidden places such baseboards, mattress covers and carpets. It is important to identify bed bugs before you can put in place any control measures because there are many insects that look exactly like them.

There are many bed bug control techniques but the use of chemical pesticides is not suitable for sleeping areas. Controlling bed bugs is very tiring, costly and time consuming not to forget the fact the numerous health risks. This article will highlight some of the basic techniques that are normally used to control bedbugs.

The first technique that is normally used to control a bed bug population is the use of pesticides. The pesticides should be applied repetitively in order to put the bed bug population under control. Some experts argue that the use of pesticides is not an effective technique because it can cause bed bug dispersal and there is a possibility that the bed bugs can become resistant to pesticides.

The second technique is physical isolation of the bed bugs using special devices such as bed-leg moat devices and bug-proof mattress covers. Apart from using these barriers, it is important to ensure that the bed and other infested areas are free from bed bugs. The third technique involves the use of inorganic materials that are dust-like. Diatomaceous earth is a commonly known inorganic material for controlling a bed bug population. This is a safe indoor pesticide that dehydrates the out layer of a bed bug.

Steam treatment is the fourth and the most effective technique of bedbug population control. Steam treatment is very tiring but it is able to eliminate all the bed bug stages. Steam treatment should be done repetitively on all the infested items and areas. It is important to know how to control a bed bug population because you never know when the insects will infest your house.


How To Spot A Bed Bug Infestation

In this article you will find out some useful information about, how to spot a bed bug infestation.


You need to find them, research them in places like: bed, mattress, bed frame, headboard, curtains, corner near bed, box springs, behind lamps , inside some furniture, dresser and so on, near your sleeping place.

Also not look for only “big”, adult bugs, also intentionally search for their eggs, if new bags come out of the eggs, you will be in very big trouble; as many the bugs are, as hard for you to get rid of them, so work effectively to fix this problem soon, as fast you will fix the problem as better.

You can use light-colored bedding, this will notice you bug attacks you and you will be able to defend yourself. According to, the main signs Bed bugs’ infestation are their bites, you may not heal the bed bug’s bite for nine days, this is a very long time for healing a bite.

If you will do bag research in the morning you might fail, because they are hidden hole day. They come out of their hiding places only at night, when they “plan” to attack you. If you want to find them all, you must research them while they are active. Their active time is closely from 2 am. until 5 am. So, this is the best time for them, to attack you, and you can also use this time to attack them. It is more comfortable to come as close to you as they can, for biting. It will be good if you will not sleep one night, and you will be awake for the time, the bags will attack you.You will be able to see them., it will be little confusing, but you will see them.

During lying in bed, prepare your “weapon” to depend yourself from bed bugs, don’t let them to have dinner with your blood and destroy them.

Natural Bed Bug Treatments

Bed bugs are not found in beds alone, as they can also live in carpets, curtains, pillow covers, cushions, clothing and furniture, such as the cupboards, drawers and tables. Therefore, it is necessary to check all these in order to free your home from bed bugs. To do this, here are some tips that you can follow:

Bed Bugs on Bedding

If there are any bed bugs on your bedding, you can expose it in high temperature, at least 200 degrees, to kill the bugs. You can also use steam vapor cleaners, as they are also effective against bed bugs on bedding. However, these cleaners should be used all over the mattress for a long period. If a cleaner is unavailable, you can also use a hair dryer or a hot iron for this purpose. Steam cleaning the pillows and cushions can also help against bed bugs.

Then again, make sure that you also check even the narrowest places to make sure that none of the bugs escaped. Exposing your bedding constantly to extreme temperature can kill not just the bugs but the eggs as well. Old pillows and mattresses with small holes should be thrown away, as you will have a hard time killing the bugs inside the foaming material.

Bed Bugs on Clothing

According, killing the bed bugs from carpets, bed spreads, pillows and cushions should be done simultaneously. As explained, you can also expose these items under extreme temperature or you can also iron these to kill the pests. However, make sure that you do not put the clothing back from where the infestation occurs unless you have already freed that place from bugs completely.

Bed Bugs on Furniture

Check all furniture to see if there are any signs of bed bug infestation. In case infestation is present, another natural method that you can do is to expose the furniture in open space, including the corners of wardrobe, the inside of drawers and even the bottom of the furniture. Make sure that even the smallest corner is observed and checked thoroughly to prevent the infestation from spreading further. You should also check your backpacks, baggage and handbags where bed bugs can hide to eliminate infestation.

Remember that you have to extinguish the bed bugs completely to prevent the infestation from recurring. However, remember that you need conduct regular inspection on all items in your home to make sure that it is actually freed from these pests. Make sure that you check on your bedding, furniture, curtains, carpets, clothing, baggage and bedspreads. Unused and stored stuffs should also be inspected properly to ensure that they are also free from bugs or any other pests that could cause infestation.

In case there is severe infestation, it would be best to contact a professional bed bug exterminator instead of dealing with the problem on your own. This is to make sure that your home is freed from these annoying pests and that you and your family can prevent bed bug bites. You must also avoid bringing anything inside your home without checking that it is free from bugs first. Following these simple measures can help prevent bed bugs from infesting your home and for the infestation from recurring.

Structural Repairs To Keep Mice Out Of Your House

Rodents such as rats, squirrels and mice can cause significant problems for houses and apartments. Older urban buildings are particularly vulnerable. Rodents can cause damage by attacking electrical wiring, wood, plumbing and insulation. The most important strategy for homeowners is prevention of entry with good structural repairs. Poor maintenance and leaving doors and windows open present an open invitation for rodents to infest your property. You can read more over at John’s pest control article on how to keep your garage free of mice.

Common Structural Repairs That Can Keep Mice Out

1) Seal up any openings and holes

Any gap that is wider than a few centimeters is a potential entry point, so seal up any potential cracks with silicone caulk. Larger holes can be blocked up with steel wool or alternatively cemented over. Loose boards and structures need to be repaired or replaced to prevent entry. The aim is to present a flat smooth surface that is difficult for rodents to gnaw through. You can cover larger openings with hardware cloth which is resistant to gnawing. Don’t forget about the areas where pipes and wiring enter the house. They also need to be sealed with cement or you can use a metal collar.

2) Shut vents and windows

Windows are alternative openings for rodents to enter the house. Put some galvanized hardware cloth to screen off these openings. You can also insert hinged metal plates to cover vent openings.  These can open when air flow is present and close off at other times to keep your house seal-proof.

3) Repair old doors and exteriors

Some old doors have large gaps in the threshold beneath the door and so they are another vulnerable point for rodent entry. You can block this off with metal thresholds, or alternatively embed steel pipes on the concrete floor. The foundations and the flooring can also be potentially attacked. Make sure that all the ribs and corrugations are closed off. The house exterior should be protected by rodent proof materials such as concrete or metal sheets.

How to Get Rid of Squirrels From Your Attic

One of the noisy neighbours you can ever have are squirrel and if you have ever had then infiltrate your attic, then you must know this far too well. These creatures make such deafening racket notwithstanding the fact that they are such voracious chewers making them some of the worst destructive pests in any attic. The article provided below by shows you some basic ideas on how to get rid of squirrels from your attic.

It is important to know that these rodents leave behind a strong scent that over time tend to attract other squirrels. Furthermore, they leave urine and droppings in the attic which can be a health hazard when not taken care of. You must always keep your attic clean at all times and remove anything that may attract them back.

Ensure you determine all the entry points including cracks and holes in the chimneys and the roof. Once you know the points use a wire mesh trap to seal the area. Use live baits to capture the creatures and ensure their nest is empty and does not have baby squirrels. In case there are baby squirrels, relocate them to a well fenced garden where they cannot escape back to the attic.

These creatures fear the smell of ammonia. You can try wetting a cloth with ammonia and spray it around the infested area or entry point. They have a high sense of smell and ammonia will sure drive the away. Additionally, spraying fox urine in the entry points to also keep them off your attic.

To ensure you keep these pests off your attic for good, call animal control experts to catch and relocate them. You can rent pest traps from these professionals and put them close to where they reside to catch them easily. Peanut butter will also work well in entice the animals into your bait. With these simple how to get rid of squirrels from your attic tips, you can be sure to win the war in just a matter of time.

Best Hotels in Oakville, Ontario

Oakville is a nicely connected city and has a lot to offer for both worlds. It is serenely located between the two major tourist attractions; Niagara Falls and Toronto. If you intend to visit Ontario, Oakville offers a vibrant community which should be your first stop during your visit. Since you might require to stay for several days, the following are the best hotels in Oakville, Ontario worth considering, according to

Hilton Garden Inn Hotel

This is a very highly rated hotel in Oakville. The prices usually vary a lot and you can easily find the same rooms going for different prices, depending on the demand at that specific time. A good room here costs about $100. The hotel is well run and well kept. The staff is very friendly and is always there in case you need help. Their rooms are nice and well furnished with décor chic finishing in the restaurant and lobby. Here you will be guaranteed of enjoying your dinner and breakfast courtesy of its professional chefs. Within the lobby, you will find all day tea and coffee. The lounges have a fireplace and plenty of places where you can sit as you enjoy your time. The rooms have Wi-Fi and the costs above include shuttle services for destinations that lie within 5 kilometers from the hotel.

Fair Inn Hotel

This hotel is located along Sherwood Heights Drive. The hotel is mostly preferred by those who want a faster access to the highway, and also those who prefer staying in suburban accommodations. All the rooms here have free Wi-Fi, wired internet, a coffee maker, mini-fridge, an ironing board and an iron box. There are different types of beds, hence you can choose from double, queen or king sized beds. Some rooms have a Jacuzzi while other do not. There is no restaurant on site, though guests are offered a continental breakfast each morning. There are, however, restaurants located about ten minutes drive away from the hotel. Amenities provided include a gym, an indoor pool and free parking.

Country Inn Hotel

This is one of the best budget hotels in Oakville. It has very good online ratings and is always frequented by travelers and tourists because of its low room prices. The staff here are caring, thoughtful and excellent, and this is what seems to make the difference. Not far from here are shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment joints. Oakville Entertainment Centrum is just about five minutes away from the hotel. From the Clarkson GO station, it takes less than a minute on foot to get to the hotel. The rooms are neat and well kept equipped with microwaves and mini-fridges. Guests get a free breakfast and in the lobby, the guests can get free coffee, tea and biscuits the whole day.

Monte Carlo Inn

This hotel is located at the intersection of Trafalgar Road and QEW. It lies about 1 kilometer away from the rail stations and is the closest of all hotels in Oakville to the beaches of Lake Ontario. Included in the hotel facilities are a room service, business center, fitness room, event space, free parking and a bar. Within the hotel lies a restaurant that is always open during day time. All the guests are served with a complimentary breakfast in the morning. All the rooms are equipped with safes, refrigerators, air conditioning and free television channels. Rooms also have free Wi-Fi internet.