Structural Repairs To Keep Mice Out Of Your House

Rodents such as rats, squirrels and mice can cause significant problems for houses and apartments. Older urban buildings are particularly vulnerable. Rodents can cause damage by attacking electrical wiring, wood, plumbing and insulation. The most important strategy for homeowners is prevention of entry with good structural repairs. Poor maintenance and leaving doors and windows open present an open invitation for rodents to infest your property. You can read more over at John’s pest control article on how to keep your garage free of mice.

Common Structural Repairs That Can Keep Mice Out

1) Seal up any openings and holes

Any gap that is wider than a few centimeters is a potential entry point, so seal up any potential cracks with silicone caulk. Larger holes can be blocked up with steel wool or alternatively cemented over. Loose boards and structures need to be repaired or replaced to prevent entry. The aim is to present a flat smooth surface that is difficult for rodents to gnaw through. You can cover larger openings with hardware cloth which is resistant to gnawing. Don’t forget about the areas where pipes and wiring enter the house. They also need to be sealed with cement or you can use a metal collar.

2) Shut vents and windows

Windows are alternative openings for rodents to enter the house. Put some galvanized hardware cloth to screen off these openings. You can also insert hinged metal plates to cover vent openings.  These can open when air flow is present and close off at other times to keep your house seal-proof.

3) Repair old doors and exteriors

Some old doors have large gaps in the threshold beneath the door and so they are another vulnerable point for rodent entry. You can block this off with metal thresholds, or alternatively embed steel pipes on the concrete floor. The foundations and the flooring can also be potentially attacked. Make sure that all the ribs and corrugations are closed off. The house exterior should be protected by rodent proof materials such as concrete or metal sheets.