How To Spot A Bed Bug Infestation

In this article you will find out some useful information about, how to spot a bed bug infestation.


You need to find them, research them in places like: bed, mattress, bed frame, headboard, curtains, corner near bed, box springs, behind lamps , inside some furniture, dresser and so on, near your sleeping place.

Also not look for only “big”, adult bugs, also intentionally search for their eggs, if new bags come out of the eggs, you will be in very big trouble; as many the bugs are, as hard for you to get rid of them, so work effectively to fix this problem soon, as fast you will fix the problem as better.

You can use light-colored bedding, this will notice you bug attacks you and you will be able to defend yourself. According to, the main signs Bed bugs’ infestation are their bites, you may not heal the bed bug’s bite for nine days, this is a very long time for healing a bite.

If you will do bag research in the morning you might fail, because they are hidden hole day. They come out of their hiding places only at night, when they “plan” to attack you. If you want to find them all, you must research them while they are active. Their active time is closely from 2 am. until 5 am. So, this is the best time for them, to attack you, and you can also use this time to attack them. It is more comfortable to come as close to you as they can, for biting. It will be good if you will not sleep one night, and you will be awake for the time, the bags will attack you.You will be able to see them., it will be little confusing, but you will see them.

During lying in bed, prepare your “weapon” to depend yourself from bed bugs, don’t let them to have dinner with your blood and destroy them.