How To Control A Bed Bug Population

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on human blood and it is important to know how to control a bed bug population. It is very difficult to control a bed bug population if you do not use the right strategies and techniques. Bed bugs multiply at a very fast rate and are known to infest hidden places such baseboards, mattress covers and carpets. It is important to identify bed bugs before you can put in place any control measures because there are many insects that look exactly like them.

There are many bed bug control techniques but the use of chemical pesticides is not suitable for sleeping areas. Controlling bed bugs is very tiring, costly and time consuming not to forget the fact the numerous health risks. This article will highlight some of the basic techniques that are normally used to control bedbugs.

The first technique that is normally used to control a bed bug population is the use of pesticides. The pesticides should be applied repetitively in order to put the bed bug population under control. Some experts argue that the use of pesticides is not an effective technique because it can cause bed bug dispersal and there is a possibility that the bed bugs can become resistant to pesticides.

The second technique is physical isolation of the bed bugs using special devices such as bed-leg moat devices and bug-proof mattress covers. Apart from using these barriers, it is important to ensure that the bed and other infested areas are free from bed bugs. The third technique involves the use of inorganic materials that are dust-like. Diatomaceous earth is a commonly known inorganic material for controlling a bed bug population. This is a safe indoor pesticide that dehydrates the out layer of a bed bug.

Steam treatment is the fourth and the most effective technique of bedbug population control. Steam treatment is very tiring but it is able to eliminate all the bed bug stages. Steam treatment should be done repetitively on all the infested items and areas. It is important to know how to control a bed bug population because you never know when the insects will infest your house.